Halifax-->St. John's (August 2004)

1400km, 8 full days of cycling. That's it for numbers 'cause my Cateye was acting up and it got launched into the great unknown while bombing down a pot-hole ridden shoulder in the rain.

I mostly camped on the side of road but stayed in a couple campgrounds when it was convenient and not too expensive.

NS roads suck and are badly marked. Even the TCH often lacks a paved shoulder! If you try to avoid the main drag, be prepared to get lost and make unnescessary detours. In NFLD the Trans-Canada Highway has a wide paved shoulder. The West Coast and the Ismuth of Avalon are the most beautiful parts of the TCH in NFLD. Hills are worst on the Ismuth of Avalon but are generally bearable, specially with a nice tail wind.


Pics (please excuse WalMart's shitty scanning)

Bras D'Or Lake, Nova Scotia

Gas stations along the Trans-Canada made for good lunch spots

Always keep an eye out for prime camping spots near the road

Sunrise in the tent.


The Millenium Falcon was the only company I had in the barren highlands

Qidi Vidi is a quaint part of St. John's

Houses in St. John's are very colourful for some reason


The Narrows protect the St. John's Harbour from the Atlantic Ocean.

Signal Hill and a frigate.

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