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Hello. And welcome to the Circus of Misery

This is the story of a group of rebels fighting against a monopolizing evil. In it's self, such a very simple premise.

But what exactly is evil? Is it something so clear-cut as black and white, with no in-between? Or is it determined by those who possess it, those who fight it, and lastly, those who created it?

But Good vs. Evil is never that simple. There is no pure white, nor a pure dark. It is merely subtle shades of gray, fighting each other on the morals they possess.

And so, no one can be so clearly defined in the Circus of Misery. They are all prone to faults, to good, and to evil. It is only the question of whether or not they are fighting on the right side. Even that, at times seems uncertain.

There will be no happy-go-lucky people hacking monsters with ancient swords, no heroes and heroines making it out of battle unwounded and unchanged. They are real - War affects people so many, many ways. They are changed by the world they face, and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Of course, like the Final Fantasy stories of the past, that's always a good thing.

So, we welcome you to our story, our creation, the story that one is not soon to forget�.

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