From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Friday September 19, 2003
Subject: HI DADDY!
Dear daddy:

     Jason Jr. is asleep right now so I finally got some computer time for myself and I wanted to send you and mommy this e-mail to let you know that we love you and mommy very very much and to also tell you that your son is very very greedy. He hogs everything. I remember when he used to hog all the food. You should've seen him daddy. He was feasting away like he was at an all you can eat buffet and I was like 'Hellooo...I'm here too. I can't grow eating only your crumbs.' He refused to listen to me and just kept on feasting away like there was no tomorrow so I kicked him right in the shin to let him know that a sista like me was not gonna be havin any of that any more. He knows now that he'd better share the food with me or else but he still to this day does not think that it was that big of a deal. Can you believe that daddy?  I tell him to look at how big and strong I am now as opposed to how small and weak I was then-as opposed of course to how big he always was.  He is sooooooo stubborn and pigheaded…gee daddy I wonder why he gets that from hmmm? I can see now that with a brother like him, I am gonna have to be doing a lot of kicking to get what I want-a lot of kicking       In fact I am gonna have to start kicking him so that I can get some computer time because he is forever downloading music all day. I warned him that as soon as we're born, there is gonna be a subpoena from the record industry waiting for him right there in the delivery room   Visit Smiley Central!Visit Smiley Central!Visit Smiley Central!   He never listens to me.  I guess it's true what they say huh daddy...like father like son. We hear you and mommy arguing all the time about you eating her cravings candy and I am gonna tell mommy to handle you just I like I handle Jason Jr.-kick you right in the shin       No but seriously daddy, you really should be ashamed of yourself for eating mom's candy...shame shame shame on you 
     But I still love you anyway daddy and I love Jason Jr. too. I tease him all the time because he's got your big peanut head and he teases me because he says I'm gonna be as short as a munchkin like mommy. We really do have a lot of fun and we might decide to stay here another 9 months if that's okay with mommy    Just kidding daddy. We can't wait to be with you and mommy-besides we wanna match the faces with the voices. Oh and speaking of voices daddy, we know you really love us and we really love you but please don't sing lullabies to us any more-there ain't nothing worse than a man who sings off key   Visit Smiley Central!  It's like just as we are about to start dozing off, here you come in singing to us and we wake up and start laughing because your notes be so off key. Just for future reference daddy, keep your day job and leave the lullabies to mommy Visit Smiley Central! Oh and since we're making requests, tell mommy to keep those Little Debbie snacks coming because we can't get enough of those. You'd better buy stock in that company daddy because when we are born we are gonna be eating those things morning noon and night   Visit Smiley Central!   Oh and please tell mommy to stop dancing so much-as big as Jason Jr. is there ain't enough room for the both of us to be bouncing around like thatVisit Smiley Central! I know it seems like a lot to be asking for daddy but with Jason Jr., I don't know if I'm ever gonna get a chance to use the computer again before we're born. Wow can you believe it daddy? In just two short months, we are going to be born and you are going to have a bouncing baby girl and bouncing baby boy-Aiyah and Jason Jr. We are so excited. But please daddy let me ask you in advance to please have patience with us. When we are crying our eyes out and screaming at the top of our lungs, please understand that we do it because we love you and mommy so much   Visit Smiley Central!   And when we mess up [yes I said when-we heard how bad you and mommy were when you both were growing up], please be the loving, caring and compassionate parents we know you and mommy to be. We are going to try our best to be as good as we can daddy and we promised to look out for each other so don’t worry too much-although with Jason Jr. acting the way he is now, I would worry just a lil bit   Visit Smiley Central!  Just kidding daddy, Jason Jr. is gonna be alright as long as I got that kick of mine to keep him in line   Visit Smiley Central!   Oh and tell grandma that I am happy to be the daughter she's always wanted-or more precisely the granddaughter she's always wanted-and that I can't wait for her to spoil me rotten. Oh who are we kidding daddy, your mommy has 3 sons and 2 grandsons [including Jason Jr.] and I am the first girl in your family-you and mommy might as well sign me over to her as soon as I'm born because she is never gonna let me out of her sight. I might as well learn to call grandma 'momma' and mommy 'Auntie Shirley'   Visit Smiley Central!   I'm sure grandma is gonna get a kick out of that one...be sure to tell grandma that I love her very much daddy and that I can't wait to see her too.
     Well daddy, I am getting sleepy now and I am sure that by the time I wake up, Jason Jr. will be hogging the computer again. You know now that I think about it, I don't really mind him hogging the computer so much since I don't really know how to use it like that anyway. Isn't he a sneak? He won't teach me how to use the computer so I won't have any interest in it. I think I'll just kick him tomorrow for the principle of the thing and force him to teach me how to use this thing. Oh what's the use, by the time I do learn how to use it, it'll be time for us to be born anyway so I'll just let it go. Like father like son huh daddy???????????
     Anyways daddy, I'm sure I'll get some more computer time eventually so this will not be my last e-mail to you but I want you and mommy to always know that we feel so blessed to have wonderful parents like you and mommy and we love you both very very much
. Visit Smiley Central!

Love always,
Aiyah P. Ward

PS-STAY OUT OF MOMMY'S CANDY Visit Smiley Central!

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