Theme: I Stand Alone
Rusty Cage
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 pounds
DOB: 02/29/1984
Age: 7 years
Hometown: Trenton, NJ
Finisher: Caged Heat, 450 splash
The Past
Born in Columbus, OH Rusty has moved all over the country with his father and sister Emily Cage. His father was part of the military and was called up to fight in the Gulf where he was killed and this left Emily, his older sister to take care of them both. They ended up on the steets, ended up in NY, where Rusty learned how to fight in the underground. He spent a lot of time in juvenile halls and ended up in a basement of an old run down house in the small town of Marietta, OH where he was trained by a legend of the sport of professional wrestling. Tensions grew between the two and they had a parting of ways when Rusty found out that his mentor was also dating his sister. He left pro-wrestling a couple years ago to pursue other talents but ended up in jail on a breaking and entering charge. Now that Cage is back, he is looking to take on who ever he can just because he can.
The Present
In a gym across town a man is seen punching on a punching bag. He has been working at it for a while as sweat pours off his body and soaks through the top of his T-shirt. He slows down over time, and finally stops and grabs a bottle of water that is sitting on a bench. He takes a sip and pours the rest on top of his head. The man sighs a sigh of relief as his workout for the day is over. He thinks to himself privately staring off into space.

I canít believe it, after spending two years in prison I finally get enough discipline to stay in shape. I lacked that kind of commitment until I broke into his house. That bastard, Iíll never forgive him for what he has done to me, but I will thank him for the great shape this body is in. I canít wait to get back to the business I love and thankfully some of my old contacts in the business remembered me and I sent some feelers in and they love my work ethic. Damn, Iím in business. Iíll never forget this.

He walks into the locker room and undresses, wraps a towel around him and heads into the shower stall. He runs the soap over his body and the water washes all of the sweat and odor away as he continues to think to himself.

I wonder what they want me to do? I wonder who they want me to fight. Iíll kill them if they ask. Iím a hired man, a hired legend killer. I mean I already killed my mentors career, and I couldnít stop there, I ended his marriage when I so kindly informed his wife, now ex-wife, that he was not training late, but in fact doing my sister. I thought those damn cops were going to have to tranquilize me to take me out that night. To bad they caught me, before I put him a wheelchair. Now here I am getting ready to step in the same environment, I wonder how I will fare.

He gets dressed and leaves the gym and hails a Taxi, he gets in the back and tells the main to take him the address written down on this piece of paper. The cab pulls up in front of a club and he gets out and pays the man. When he walks through the doors he is stopped by two guys at the entrance and he shows them a name on this piece of slip and they let him through the next set of doors. He walks in and notices the two floors and people dancing in the middle of the club. He looks up and sees people drinking, doing some sort of drug, itís just a wild atmosphere. He talks to a couple of guys and they point him over to the bar where he finds the man who he has come to see.

Cage: So you are the man that my contacts pointed me to, Mr. Jackson Adams.

JA: Buzz off punk; I donít have time to deal with fans.

Cage: I wouldnít call me a fan, Mr. Adams I would call me a possible mutual business partner. I heard youíve been pissing off a lot of people in the ULW and that you might need a little extra protection, that is you and your managerÖ

JA: Emily?

The name catches Rusty off guard; he feels a lump in his throat as memories of him and his sister play over in his head. He knows they parted on bad terms but big sister always kept good care of him after their father died. He could never repay her this debt that he owed her. It couldnít be, no it probably wasnít.

JA: Iíve felt like maybe since I tend to make people upset with my charming personality, that maybe if they gotten the chance they would target Emily. From what sheís told me about her life, and showed me, that woman could handle everyone in the federation, including myself, but you know I couldnít be more careful. I need someone to watch my back and hers.

He goes on and on about something but Cage stares out into the crowd. He hears bits and pieces while he watches a woman dance in the distance with a guy. He can already tell that this guy is not even in this girl league, he laughs to himself.

JA: ÖÖ. By the way what is your name?

Cage: Rusty Cage.

JA: Cage, thatís an interesting name. Well, I must say Mr. Cage you seem like you are good enough to handle the job. Iím going to let you watch me and Emilyís back and if you mess up youíll pay drastically. Do you understand? Cage nods understanding every word that he has said, however his understanding turns to rage when the woman becomes more visible to him. The woman is his sister, Emily Cage and the guy is getting a little to close for his taste. Rusty gets up and runs off and tackles the guy to the floor and mounts him and begins to punch him the face. The guys face is beaten and bloodied and the woman grabs his arm.

Emily: What the hell are you doó Russ what the hell are you doing here?

Jackson Adams sits back and finishes his drink laughing to himself.

JA: Now Rusty, you now know why I have chosen you for this job, you will not let anything happen to your sister, even if it meant you had to die for her. You were a hard one to find, Mr. Cage, but Iíve found you and now you are my pawn.

The Future
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