Full name: Jordan Pundik


Position in band:
Lead Singer

Favorite bands:
Green Day, Smoking Popes, Superchunk, Saves the Day, Diffuser, Fenix*TX, Blink 182

Videogames, sleeping, watching movies, spending money and eating.
Favorite food: Sushi everyday!!!

Things he likes:
Belt Buckles, Powerpuff Girls, Sour Patch Kids

Favorite TV show:
Besides Powerpuff Girls, TV sucks!

Favorite movie:
Good Fellas

Things he's afraid of:
Planes, Chad driving, Snow, uh....dying!

Favorite clothing company:
Alphanumeric, Dickies, Hurley

Favorite Color:

Best/Worst show: Best -
New Jersey w/Saves the day
Worst - Reno w/ Face to Face

Favorite book/magazine:
Transworld, Dreamcast, Maxim

What music means to him:
My life, i wouldn't want to do anything else.

Most embarrasing moment:
My pants fell off when i jumped at one of our shows...

Favorite musicians:
j. mascis, kurt cobain, j. robbins, billie joe armstrong

He likes Brittany or Christina:
Brittany definatly!

Favorte Actress:
Cameron Diaz

Equipment: used to use a shure sm58 but now has an ev telex wireless
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