Full name: Ian Grushka


Position in band:
Bass guitarist

Favorite bands:
Unwritten Law, Blink182, Britney Spears, A*Teens, M2M, Tik n Tak, Less than Jake, Fenix*TX, Green Day, S.O.D.

partying with friends, the internet is cool, too
Favorite food: anything that isn't nailed down -- minus tomato and mayo...no actually i like whatever my dad cooks...i mean, whatever i can chew.

Things he likes:
britney spears dolls, dreamcast games, cool socks, import cd singles of groups i like, XL britney shirts which are impossible to find, buddha statues...hook it up!

Favorite TV show:
TRL, real world, anything with nudity like g-string divas

Favorite Movie:
half baked and cheech and chong's up in smoke

Things he's afraid of:
roller coasters, bees and wasps, planes

Favorite clothing company:
B Down brand, hurley, any crazy button down shirts, adio shoes

Favorite color:

Best/Worst show: f
avorite show...jannus landing in st. petersburg, florida with mxpx...worst is the hanover house in connecticut when my bass head fell off my cabinet and broke.

Favorite book/magazine:
book...james and the giant peach...any teenie bopper mags with britney spears, a*teens, or m2m in it

What does music mean to you:
music is my life and my personality and my god
Most embarrasing moment:
well it was probably going through school with tons of hot girls that never gave me any sex...I was embarassed then so to all you girls...SUCK IT

Favorite musicians:
mike dirnt (green day), john bell (ex-unwritten law), whoever writes most of the britney spears songs...i think it's max martin and peter foster white, but i'm usually wrong, so don't quote me.

Brittany or Christina:

What group he would see that isn't together:
buddy holly on the tour with ritchie valens and the big bopper

Favorite actor/actress:
actor - dave chapelle actress - neve campbell, mena suvari

Equipment: ampeg SVT 4 pro head, ampeg 8x10 cabinet, tech 21 sansamp, fender p bass, and ernie ball strings (50-105)
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