Full name: Cyrus Bolooki


Position in band:

Favorite bands:
Silverchair, Blink 182, MxPx, Incubus, Green Day, 311, Diffuser

Anything to do with music
Favorite food: anything his mom cooks

Things he likes:
anything that has to do with christina aguilera, girls

Favorite TV show:
birds of paradise, my so called life, and the crocodile hunter

Favorite Movie:
half baked

Things he's afraid of:
akward situations with girls

Favorite clothing company:
dickies, hurley, converse

Favorite color:

Best/Worst show:
best show..jannus landing in st. petersburg, florida with mxpx...worst show...at club q in davie, florida when i broke my snare drum in the middle of a song

Favorite book/magazine:
everything you need to know about the music business (book), guitar world (magazine)

What does music mean to you:

Most embarrasing moment:
jumped up at the end of show, fell off the drum riser, and cut my head on a snare drum (at a show w/the hippos at the glasshouse in pomona, california)

Favorite musicians:
travis barker (blink 182), dimebag darrell (pantera), chad sexton (311), vinnie paul (pantera)

Brittany or Christina:

What group he would see that isn't together:

Favorite actor/actress:
actor - dave chapelle, jim breuer, actress - tara reid

Equipment: orange county drums, vater sticks (3A woodtip), remo heads, dw hardware, sabian cymbals
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