Full name:Chad Gilbert


Position in band:

Favorite bands:
They Might Be Giants, Hatebreed, Shai Hulud, Green Day

Oldie stuff with James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, or Elvis on them (posters and trinkets)
Favorite food: grilled cheese

Things he likes:
oldie stuff with james dean, audrey hepburn, marilyn monroe, or elvis on them (posters and trinkets)

Favorite TV show:
WWF raw, buffy the vampire slayer, maury pouvich (yeah, i'm sure you know how to spell it, right?)

Favorite Movie:
every tim burton movie, every mafia movie, and ferris bueller's day off. they are all tied

Things he's afraid of:
death. everything else i'm only afraid of because it will kill you.

Favorite clothing company:
whatever my mom buys me...cool shirts from salvation army.

Favorite color:
dont' really have one

Best/Worst show:
there have been too many great ones to pick. my worst show was when all of my guitars broke, then my amp broke, and i had nothing to play...so i jumped in the crowd.

Favorite book/magazine:
sideways stories from wayside school, maxim, fhm

What does music mean to you:
it fuels my emotions, keeps me happy, and is always there for me when i need it. like a friend you can always relate with.

Most embarrasing moment:
when i was hanging out with a girl and someone in my family left laxatives in my car. i couldn't convince her that they weren't mine.

Favorite musicians:
billie joe armstrong, chris conley, and the two guys from they might be giants

Brittany or Christina:

What group he would see that isn't together:
the beatles

Favorite actor/actress:
johnny depp / rachel leigh cook, juliet lewis

Equipment: gibson les paul guitars, mesa boogie dual rectifier
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