This heavy punk band was formed in Coral Springs, Florida, USA in 1997 by Jordan Pundik (vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Steve Klein (guitar), Ian Grushka (bass) and Cyrus Bolooki (drums). Naming themselves A New Found Glory, the quintet released their 1997 debut EP, It's All About The Girls, on the independent Drive Thru Records label. Their full length debut, Nothing Gold Can Stay, was released by Drive Thru two years later. The band's pop-punk leanings earned them comparisons to fellow Americans Blink-182 and Sum 41, both then making the breakthrough to mainstream chart success, and inevitably attracted major label interest. The band signed a new recording contract with MCA Records, debuting in 2000 with the movie themes tribute EP, From The Screen To Your Stereo. Their self-titled major label debut followed in the autumn, credited to the more succinct New Found Glory.


In 1997 in the small town of Coral Springs, Florida, a band called The Inner City Kids formed. Inner City Kids was a three piece band. Ian Grushka played bass. A guy named Bernie was singer and a guy Billy played drums. A fourth guy named Mike was brought in as the other guitarist. Bernie was asked to leave and Jordan Pundik was brought in. Eventually Mike and Billy went there own way and Ian and Jordan were by themselves.
As time went on, Steve Klein, from Jordan's previous band came in and played guitar in place of Jordan, leaving Jordan only at vocals. Then came along guitarist Chad Gilbert from Shai Hulud and Cyrus Bolooki replaced their drummer Joe Marino. Eventually the bands name was changed to A New Found Glory which was thought of by Jordan and Steve while working at Red Lobster.


The lives of New Found Glory run parallel to the lives of most of their fans over the past few years -- they've experienced heartbreak, left school for the real world, finally moved out of their homes and found careers. And though the group has spawned outstanding international notoriety over the past couple years, New Found Glory are just as easy to connect with as a best friend, with hardly any fan/band separation to be found.

And even for those who haven't lived along the same lines, relating to New Found Glory's music and message is a cakewalk. Heartache? Loss of a loved one? Enjoying your life? Mixed emotions? Just a few of the topics New Found Glory have touched upon, if not delved into, during their illustrious career.

Launching in 1997 as a conglomerate of various acts in the Florida region (including Shai Hulud, a rather accomplished hardcore group), New Found Glory's winning mix drew from several hats -- straightforward rock hits, pop-punk energy and hardcore song structure -- to create a unique melding of musical ideas.

After releasing an EP on a local Florida label, Drive-Thru Records caught wind of the group, releasing a full-length (Nothing Gold Can Stay) in 1998 and an EP (From The Screen To Your Stereo). In 2000, MCA and Drive-Thru teamed up to release the band's highly successful self-titled album that spawned such hits as "Hit Or Miss," which flew straight into heavy rotation charts of the nation's largest rock radio stations and resulted in nearly-gold sales.

With all the aforementioned points, would one really expect another record that mimics their self-titled full-length, boasting much of the same content? It's not likely.

Enter Sticks And Stones, to be released June 11 on MCA/Drive-Thru. The only resemblance Sticks And Stones bears to the self-titled album are the skillful, melodic songwriting, trademark hook-laden melodies and choruses, all released on the same label, created by the same musicians and coordinated by the same producer, Neal Avron (Everclear and the Wallflowers).

So, what's changed? The lyrical content, for one, has matured.

"On the last record, all the songs were about girls. That's what I think we write the best," says Steve Klein, guitarist. "On this record, we try to kind of steer away from that a little bit, [yet] still keep the same feeling and melodic lyrical content. We actually have a song about Jordan's grandfather that passed away, and there are songs about leaving your hometown, moving to a new state and growing up."

Still Sticks And Stones has plenty of heartbreak material to whet many a fan's appetite. In fact, the album's first single, "My Friends Over You," is a straight-up relationship track.

Steve explains, "is about experiencing a bad and hurtful relationship in the past and not being able to get over it. Though you meet a really nice person and things are great, you can't take it to the next level, since you keep remembering how much your last relationship took out of you. It's about taking the easy way out and choosing your friends, since that's a sure bet you won't get hurt.�

Sticks And Stones is also a more diverse record sonically. Though the signature pop-punk stylings of their self-titled record are fully in tow, the band has reached out even further, generating fresh ideas and expanding their musical bandwidth outwards. There are more hardcore-inspired breakdowns (the NFG boys even called in their hardcore friends Bane and H2O for a little added assistance on Sticks And Stones), creating more built-in crowd interaction parts. "It's awesome how kids sing along and go crazy -- and I think we put a lot of shout crowd interaction parts on the CD," vocalist Jordan adds. Chalk it up to simple progress.

"I think that [Sticks And Stones] is more aggressive and punchy, and the melodies and lyrics are in a similar vein, but they're more mature," says guitarist Chad. "All the things on this record are a natural maturity - and I think that's what people will notice. It still sounds like New Found Glory, but it just sounds like we can play our instruments better and write more diverse songs now."

But don't let that sway you into thinking that New Found Glory have veered off course in their musical adventure - they've firmly planted their roots, proven the success of their previous releases and are ready for whatever life throws their way. And what�s coming their way soon is a huge summer tour.

After seeing NFG consistently sell out venues last year that veteran, platinum acts were only half filling, the organizers of Warped Tour have secured the band for a headlining slot. So, whether you are cranking the CD in your car or checking out the band live�

Give Sticks And Stones a fair shake and climb on board the ride through life.


Coral Springs, Florida - a town better known for hurricanes, alligator-infested swamps and incontinent old people than for its music scene has remarkably spawned punk upstarts New Found Glory (NFG).

Reeling from the nasty little trials of everyday life and failed relationships common to everyone everywhere, the members of NFG banded together in the summer of �97. Bent on creating music reflective of their feelings while expanding the narrow definition of "punk", NFG blend together equal parts of hardcore, emo, and rock to position themselves at the forefront of the next generation of music.

The band�s lyrics are true-to-the-heart and straight-to-the- point combined with a sound that is pure energy and unfettered passion expressed through distorted amps and hooky choruses. NFG is an easy anesthetic for hang-ups and break-ups. Lyricist Steve Klein describes his writing as, "Just about relationships and growing up - things everybody knows about. This is a record about looking forward to new things and moving forward in your life."

Their new self-titled album follows closely on the heels of their �99 full length Nothing Gold Can Stay and their �00 EP From The Screen To Your Stereo (a movie themes tribute CD) which have sold a combined 30,000 in the short time they have been released. While the new CD maintains the sound that won them legions of fans, MCA�s involvement with drive-thru meant NFG were able to spend more time in the studio for this session, singer Jordan Pundik explains, "It was less stressful, we didn�t have to worry about time, so we could get more creative. Also, this was the first time we worked with a producer (Neal Avron) and that extra set of ears allowed for more experimentation."

Having logged over 50,000 miles in their van, blazing live sets in over 100 cities with the likes of MxPx, Unwritten Law, The Get Up Kids and Reel Big Fish, NFG established an enthusiastic fan base while proving their versatility and mass appeal. With their contagious lyrics and live performance sure to convert even the most timid, New Found Glory engages their fans in their boundless energy. This experience earned them both the �98 Slammie Award, given to the best new band in Florida, and cemented their reputation as a must-see-live band on the Van�s Warped Tour when NFG out drew the main stage headliner.
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