"Turn Around And You're Grown"

When you're a child, time means very little to you. You're having all kinds of fun with your friends. You play allies, hop scotch, hide-and-seek, store and so many other fun games. You rebelled about going to bed once your day was over and begged to be allowed to remain outside for another few minutes.

Before you knew it, you were married with children of your own and time seemed to go a little faster. You were busy being a mother; caring for your children and and making a home for them. You tried to meet their demands as often as you could and if you were unable to you felt badly yet the children forgot quickly. Their lives were filled with their own interests.

Then your children leave the nest and you find yourself alone and you finally have time to do some serious thinking and that's when you marvel at how fast the years passed by and you want to recall those years but you know that isn't possible so you draw on memories and that's what this web page is about. It's a memory page that I did for my children as well as myself. It goes back to when I was a child and that wasn't yesterday nor the day before. I hope you can relate to some of the stories I have written. I hope to add on as time goes by.

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