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The Astros have a new beginning in Enron Field.....the Space Shuttle Discovery has taken off....Houston is the home to  the newest NFL franchise team, the  Houston Texans...THE VIKING ORGANIZATION IS FORMEDWelcome to the city synonymous with the wild, wild west baby.   Houston, Texas home of the might, mighty TVO.  Can you hear the fans chanting (TVO!!!! TVO!!!! TVO!!!!)   Can you feel the energy as SIMBO and TVO prepare to take you on the ride of your life.  The 21st century has begun and TVO is on the prowl to take the music industry over by storm.  TVO (WE READY, WE READY) will leave all skeptical competitors wondering and all unsuspecting fans craving hits like their first single, "Walla, Walla".  Composed of southern-fried tracks and head-busting lyrics.  "Walla, Walla" is  a masterpiece that will envoke support from ballers and those representing the idea that there is a party going on everywhere. Born and raised on the streets of Houston, this dynamic group of MC's have a different story to tell.  So if you are ready and willing, let TVO do the rest.  There is a New Era brewing and the prediction for SIMBO and TVO is simple....HERE TODAY, HERE FOREVER!!!!!
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