Drivers may join anytime during the season here.
Car files must be sent to the League Administrator.
Passing is allowed to the OUTSIDE on restarts, but no laying back on the starts, this includes timing the pace car.  Keep your pace, and then see f you can pass
No flamming or extensive chatting.  NO chatting during the qualifying session and only autochat messages during the race
Protests need to be in by the next race week. Need to support a replay, with a 10 second period before and after the accident.  ALL replays need to be ziped and sent to the League Administator
Races will be held on Wednesday Nights and will be 25% of the Actual Race Lenght
Keep a line during the race, but blocking will be accepted during the final 10 laps
Must keep under a .5 second distance between you and the car in front of you during pace and caution laps
Lap cars during the final 10 laps will HAVE to pit during a caution period to let the leaders race it out.  Lap cars will only have to drive down the lane and wait for the STOP/GO sign at the end of pit road
Racing back to the caution will not be tolerated until the final 10 laps.
NO PROFANITY, including abrv. (wtf, ect.) If caught, penelties will be tough, including points deduction, suspension, and explusion.  Let the League deal with "naughty" drivers
There will be a 30 minute cool down period after the race to talk about any problems during the race, this is when you can bring up race protests.
Warping cars happens often, if you are told that you are warping, pull to the pits and wait until the problem stops.
NO warming up tires, if caught, means you go to the tail end of the longest line
Each driver has to take a qualifying lap, if failed to do so, you will be charged with a provisional.  If you qualifyed, but it wasn't recorded, tell us during the warmup, and you will NOT be charged with a provisional.
Point will be as followed:
5-43 will be deducted by 2 points each
5 points for leading a lap
10 points for leading the most laps
15 points for setting on the pole
Cars MUST support you number, and may NOT SUPPORT any nudity, profanity,a or racial marks on you car.
All car desisions are final.
We will hold a non-mandatory drivers meeting 10 minutes before the practice 
Driving Mode: Realistic
Damage: Realistic
Pace Lap: On
Yellow Flag: On
Double File Restarts: On
Fixed Set-ups: Off
Practice: 20 minutes
Qual: 3-5 minutes, depending on track
Warm-up: 10 minutes
Race: About 1 hour, may be more or less
Cool down period: 30 minutes following the race
If there is any problems with the racing server, we will meet in the Sierra Chat Room, which will be announced.
A e-mail will be sent to you,the driver, for the weeks track, password, and host No Patch to date.  When Nascar 2003 patch is released, you need it.  I will post the direct link on here.
Most Important Rule:
HAVE FUN, its just a game
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