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News: (10/17/04) Got all the new pics from NEC shows over the last couple of months up finally, and nicely organize. I will try update other pages when I have time after my mid-terms are over with. Other then that check out New Earth Creeps profile/webpage on myspace for more updates and show info. The band runs that and updates it very frequently. Click on either logo down below to go to page, and if you are myspace add them to your friends list and tell everyone else to add them and spread the word on the band. It has show info and MP3's of 2 new songs. Also, let them know out of the two logos below which one should they use to make stickers with. I think they need T-shirts as well to sell, haha. Anyways the band thanks everyone for the support at the shows nd keep on coming out to see them.
News: (10/16/04) New pics from their last several shows are on their way up. Not much else new...oh yeah, by the way, a new album has been recorded. Is in the process of being pressed and all that album related stuff. I will let everyone know when it's done and available to get. It only seems like it's been less than a year since their first full-length came out, but actually these are their first set of new songs in 6 years, all the songs from the first album were mostly all written when they were in High School. It's a new direction musically on some songs, and some still remain true to the music we have known to love by them. A great mix of songs indeed and recorded and mixed by themselves, so listen to it when you can, either live or catch them on myspace. Be back soon with more updates.
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