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Disclaimer: The Death Row Wrestling Federation is a fantasy wrestling organization. In no way, shape, or form does this have ANYTHING to do with WWF, WCW, or any other wrestling organization out there. We are a league of our own. Also, this is fake, its not real, so dont take anything that is said about you on here personally. That is all, and HAVE a nice day.

Well, I've fixed up the roster a bit. I guess that's about it for today. ^_^. Anyway, dont forget about Saturday Massacre and the dark matches. The card for Saturday Massacre is up, but those are just the matches that are schedualed. There will be plenty more matches take place dependin on those who roleplay to get some storylines and stuff started. Well, thats about it and I will talk to ya tomorrow. I'm out!

The Saturday Massacre card is now up. And on that subject, we are starting something new this week. Beginning this week, we are going to start having some dark matches. If you dont know what a dark match is, a dark match is when the match is signed during the event itself. Like say at the very beginning or in the middle of a show(for example, you would come into an arena say to just sign autographs. Then I decide to put you in a match later that night). It maybe for a title, but then again, it may not be. So your best bet is to roleplay more because as I have noticed, not only here but in most feds I see, people only roleplay if they have a match, basically they only roleplay when they HAVE to. As if it's a job to them. But remember, this is supposed to be fun, not a job. So you should roleplay because you want to. This way it'll make things a hell of alot more interesting, get some storylines started, and all kinds of stuff. Build some tension with people, you see what I'm sayin? But if you're one of those types that only RP when they have a match, dont expect to get anywhere man. Basically, what I'm tryin to say is have more fun and this will be more fun for ya, you see what I'm sayin? Well, thats it for now other than the roster being fixed up a bit and the strats page bein fixed a bit as well.. So until tomorrow, I'll HOLLA AT YA! Peace Out!

The time is now here! The Pay Per View Results are now...UP! I myself thought it was a pretty good PPV, but you guys be the judge. Anyway, the card for this week Saturday Massacre will be up tomorrow. Plus coming next week, we are going to begin Wednesday night Warpath if you've already seen the statement from Hollman. Anyway, there is a link to the page now so go check it out. There will be more updates tomorrow(its too damn late for me to fix up anything else. ^_^). So until then, Peace Out!

World Champion: Tyrone Gibson/US Champion: Myzery /Lightweight Champion: Ryda /Tag Team Champions: UMS
-Latest Results-
Deadly Assault
Sunday Apr. 29, 2001
From The Coliseum
In Greensboro, NC
-Next Event-
Saturday Massacre
Saturday May 5, 2001
At the Rosemont Horizon
In Rosemont, IL
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