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(pronounced NUDE ART)

STATS:� 6'2,230lbs, blonde/blue, 46 years.�
(ok-plenty of gray, too!)� Masculine without overkill and WITH a personality!

������������������� :)

i'm a professional pianist and i sell my art and photography on the side.�� music, creativity and spirituality are my driving forces. i'm also a federal officer at the atlanta airport (for the benefits!!) grew up on (and love) kun'try and two-stepping. love the 40's era and play lots of it when working gigs - enjoy pop-orchestra, disco and club dance, too.�

i enjoy friends,� road-trips, long trips,� my backyard and beaches. i live on a private lake and love nature and animals.�� i've traveled much of the world, sometimes for extended stays, and plan to continue doing so. i don't "hang" in bars, but certainly enjoy a guiness here and there!

some of my better qualities include honesty, wit and compassion.� don't see much point in advertising the less attractive ones - if we make friends, you'll know them soon enough.� LOL.

i'm unique, spontaneous and uninhibited. sometimes a bit shy at first. past-times include camping, kayaking and hiking. i'm also a volunteer coach for georgia special olympics. if you'd like to make my acquaintance, feel free to email!

GOOD REASONS TO EMAIL ME: you read this whole thing and STILL think you'd like to know more (LOL), you enjoy some of the same things or you think in a similar fashion.

GOOD REASONS NOT TO: to exchange close-up weenie pics, to arrange phone or cyber sex or to ask if i'm a top or bottom.� k?

REPUBLICANS NEED NOT APPLY (where is your sense of SELF WORTH?) all others, thanks for checkin' me out� !

"from my window I could only see a piece of sky"

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icq:� 51403365

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