17/1/08: Saiyan Civil War Added!
After another trademark long break, the next New Dragon Ball GT installment has been added in the form of the Saiyan Civil War, named as such because there really wasn't a central bad-guy in this saga, just a central event. As normal Story and Powerlevels are up for your enjoyment. See you... whenever!
7/7/07: Gotomme Saga Added!
Well it took five or six months, but that was with moving house in between! The latest chapter of New Dragon Ball GT is now online, with the sadly obvious title of the Gotomme Saga (There was no other choice for a title really...) I hope you enjoy it, those of you who have actually stayed, i.e. about two of you :)
10/2/07: Kakarotto Saga Online
The next update to the New Dragon Ball GT franchise is online! The Kakarotto Saga and Powerlevels (although to be honest I rushed the Powerlevels). It's more on the side of the set up a few new characters for future sagas side of it, but it's still good. See you next time!
17/1/07: It's That Time Again!
Yes, that's right, it's that time of the year again where I'm back in the mood for New Dragon Ball writting! Not quite a year and two months this time, more like half a year. Anyway, the Shadow Law Army Saga is now up along with its power levels. I must warn you that it was based on the old Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament "Sagas" and so is a fair bit longer than your average NDB/Z/GT Saga. Enjoy!
3/8/06: The Longest Battle Ends
The Fourth and Final chapter of The Longest Battle is now complete. It only took a morning/afternoon as I didn't leave myself with much to do at the end other than a few deaths. The powerlevels are also up, yikes, that's a long list! Anyway, that's that special multi-series-athon out of the way, next up is the rest of New Dragon Ball GT, which will be full of new characters and twists. So look forward to that and until then...
2/8/06: Babidi's Downfall
Chapter Three of the NDBZGT "TV Special" is up, Babidi's Downfall. Although Babidi and his Majin slaves are now delt with, there is still plenty more to come in the final chapter! Coming soon and all that, along with the Power Levels!
29/7/06: Chaper Two is here!
Yeah, each chapter isn't that long, but together the "TV Special" will be the longest story I've written. Anyway, Chapter Two is up with some nice twists and some dramatic deaths. Enjoy!
27/7/06: The Longest Battle Begins
Oh yes. Chapter One of the New Dragon Ball/ Z/ GT "TV Special" The Longest Battle is now online. Don't get too excited as it just introduces some of the new characters to you. Chapter Two however will have the deaths of TWO key long running characters, so look out for that one! By the way I'm going to do one set of Power Levels for the whole thing, not for each Chapter. So, until next time...
8/7/06: Majin Saga Online
Ooo, how evil of me :) The Majin Saga is now online, although really it's just a tease for the big 4-Chapter "TV Special" I have planned that will star characters from all three series (As you can see by the ending of this Saga). I hope it turns out as well as the hype in this Saga makes it out to be! See you for Chapter One!
29/6/06: Kaditsu Saga Online
The first Saga (and it's powerlevels) of New Dragonball GT is now online! The Kaditsu Saga started off slow due to the introductions needed, but the end really came together well! See you for the next chapter, as normal I will not speculate when that'll be....
26/4/06: New Dragonball GT is now online!
As you can see, New Dragonball GT has been added to the website. All I've got up at the moment is a Prologue which fills you in on what's happened the 20 years in between NDBZ and NDBGT. Yes some new characters are taking centre stage, but it's for the best. Goku and Senko are 56 and 50 respectively, so I can't really have them as the main characters now could I?
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