The Rock
I am also a big fan of The Rock, AKA the MOST electifying man in sports-entertainment.  The Rock is the greatest in more ways than ever before!  He talks the talk and walks the walk.  Not only that, but now he is getting into show business.  He was in The Mummy Returns last year, and then this April came out with The Scorpion King, a prequel.  I heard some talk about his next movies, Helldorado, or Hunting Bronze, or something.  I'll update when I find more.
home, home on the range...
  April was a great month!  On the 19th, Margo and I went to see The Scorpion King, which was very cool and entertaining.  Then on the 22nd, Margo, Emily, and I went to RAW.  That was not the same, because the Rock wasn't there, but we hope we'll see him again soon.
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