Did You Notice...
-In "The Whole Nine Yards," when Jimmy is telling Oz to get used to the idea that he's going to die, a three kids chase each other by, one yelling to the other, "I'm gonna kill you!  I'm gonna strangle you!"  Get the joke there?
-Those three girls were Bruce Willis's daughters?
-In "Die Hard," everyone, even the movie poster, says there are 12 terrorists, when truly there are 13?
-In "The Fifth Element," Korben Dallas has plastic fish in his aquarium?
-In "The Fifth Element," the blue muppet rug on the hotel room floor?  I want that rug!
-In "The Jackal," the noise Bruce makes after he kisses the guy at the bar?  He also makes variations of that noise in "12 Monkeys," "Die Hard 2," and "The Fifth Element."  It's really a great noise.
-In "The Jackal," Preston has really nasty teeth?
-Two of Bruce's daughters, Scout and Tallulah, are in "Bandits?"
-In "The Fifth Element," that "helm 108" scene?  What was the point of that?  I know why it was there, but the movie would have been perfectly fine without it.
-All the items on this list so far are about movies?
-Boy bands have really bad grammar (
does his gifts come from the heart?)?
-EVIAN spelled backwards is NAIVE?
-All the best TV shows get moved from the WB to the Disney Channel?
-Luke Perry, who was in the beginning 5 minutes of "The Fifth Element," was included in the opening credits, and Drew Barrymore, who was in the first five minutes of "Scream," was also in the opening credits, but somehow Bruce Willis, who was in the last 20 minutes of "Four Rooms," was excluded from the opening credits of that movie?
-Bruce Willis said the word "fuck" 45 times during his one scene in "Four Rooms?"
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