My Friends
This page is dedicated to my friends.  Thanks for being there!

Butch--My imaginary friend
Emily--My sister, the cod monster, I love you babe!
Margo--Do you sense the savory aroma of what Roxie is sauteeing?
Claire--Don't forget the taffy sculpture of Julia!
Jennifer--Apricot with guys lined up at her door (Elijah buddy)
Leigh--The mad scientist/bomb expert
Maura--The anime-loving android
Maggie--Dog nuts
Stacey--Batman will kill Superman!
Amy--The Rock is NOT ugly!!
Lisa--Same goes to you!!
Sam--Ted Kaczynski is skating down the ice...
TMager--Face it!  Orli is yours!
David the sheep--I love your hair!!
Keri--(Another Elijah buddy)Everything I need to know I learned from a buffalo...P.S. "Flipper!"

  If I forgot anyone, please email me!
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