Me, Myself, and Ivan
This page is all about me and my cloudy self.  I know you all love me, so sit back and learn all about me.

Name:  Beth
Age: 19
Hair:  Brown, for now
Eyes:  blue
Height:  5'3"
Favorite Actor:  BRUCE WILLIS
Favorite Actress:  Milla Jovovich
Favorite wrestler:  The Rock, Randy Orton
Top 5 movies:  1. Die Hard
                      2. Fellowship of the Ring
                      3. The Fifth Element
                      4. Moulin Rouge
                      5. 12 Monkeys
Favorite book:  Lord of the Rings
Favorite song:  Pizza Day
Favorite Food:  Empress chicken from Fortune Express
Pet Peeves:  Age discrimination, the word "youngster"
Favorite Animal:  Duck Hand
Future Pet:  Pug
Future Career: actress, writer, possibly film director
Other bands/composers I like:  Fozzy, Aquabats, Limp Bizkit, Sinead Lohan, Garbage, Bad Religion, Ralph Vaughan Williams
Other stuff about me:  The way I dress has been described as "interesting" and "unique."  I like swords and I take fencing.  I love God.  I am in chorus.  I like movies that have so many twists that you have to watch them at least twice to really get them.

I wanna go home!
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