The NEW "Doctor Who" Amateur Videos
Hello Who Fans!! This web page is BRAND
NEW, but I wanted to post it so that when I
release my videos, the whovians will be here.
By 'NEW' Doctor Who, I mean that the episodes I write will have more of a 'Stephen King Thriller' content, while retaining the ever-loved intelligent humour of Tom Baker,  the carisma, gadgets and action-packed personna of Jon Pertwee, and EXACT replicas of Pat Troughton and Bill Hartnell's TARDIS props.
Who's Who?
Chris Bray (me) plays The Doctor
The Mk2 Police Box is painted!!  Now, construction on the console has begun. (I've been financially delayed due to a layoff). I have the perspex column made (took a week to make), and YES, the center rotates exactly like the Hartnell/Troughton prop. Gadgets will be identical right down to the two rotating strobes!!
I apologize for the delays....lost my job, house, and my woman this year, so the Doctor has to regenerate his life!! I'll try to keep everyone posted.  Thank you.
My email: [email protected]
Here are the epsisode scripts I have already created and a few that are almost done.
Episode                     Title                               Script Progress

Pilot #1      "An Unearthly Craft"                        3/4 done
Ep    #2      "The Demons of Club Harbor"    Re-configuring
Ep    #3      "Deadly Detour"                                   Done
Ep    #4      "The Clowns of Terror"                       Done
Ep    #5      "Dektos 4"                                    Story In Progress
Ep    #6      "Venus Armageddon"                  Story In Progress
Ep    #7      "The Digits of Doom"                  Story In Progress
Ep    #8      "Police Public Call"                    Story In Progress
I just want to thank all the Doctor Who fans for their patience
and support (especially rickdrwho).  This is quite an under-
taking, and I'm doing all this alone, so it's going to take a while to get these stories written and props done. Thank you!
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