Loss of Biodiversity
What is biodiversity?
What i feel about this issue...
Biodiversity is defined as the various forms of life within an ecosystem, (1).

So with that definition,
loss of biodiversity means the decline in the variation of species within an eosystem. Many things can contribute to the loss of biodiversity. Global warming, poachng, intraspecies and interspecies competition  extinction, and pollution are just a few of these contributions.
This loss of biological life is not limited to animals. Plants and microorganisms are affected by this as well. Biodiversity  stabilizes the ecosystem, so with a low biodiversity, the ecosystem can become unbalanced, and less proficient and effective for the survival of each species involved, (2).
I feel that humans play an important role in the balance of each ecosystem and the conservation of the species in question. Each person can do something to help.

Humans as a whole have tried to protect the biodiversity on earth. There are National Parks, Conservations, education, information, legislation passed to protect endangered species and such things, but it seems like there isnt enough that we can do...


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