After painstaking delays in updates, much thought, and consideration - today I have decided to close down Death~Valley...
This wasn't an easy decision.   This site has been around for a bit over four years, has garnered impressive view counts, and brought me joy to serve fellow loyal Creatures of the Night.

However, my personal life is just too busy to constantly try to log on occassionally and update this site.  The true reason I am shutting down this site is because this has became more of a burden than fun, like it was originally intended - and continued to be up until a couple months ago.

So, that's it.  Death~Valley is closed, maybe left subject to open up somewhere in the far future.
I am still a Creature of the Night, and will always remain one.  I'll continue checking and - both which are the elite 'Taker sites on the internet, and I suggest you to do so if you aren't already.

It was fun while it lasted, take care of yourself.

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