One of my favorite pastimes is reading. I love to curl up on the couch on a rainy afternoon and read. If it's a rainy night, then I'm curled up in bed with two or three of my favorite books. My favorite type of book is depending on my mood but they range from inspirational, biographies, mysteries and instructional. Here are some of my favorites that I've read throughout the years.

"This Present Darkness"
     by Frank Peretti

"Piercing The Darkness"
     by Frank Peretti

"Miss Read" Books
     by Dora Saint

"Daddy Long Legs"
     by Jean Webster

"Sister Chicks Do The Hula"
     by Robin Jones Gunn

"The Ultimate Weight Solution"
     by Dr. Phil McGraw

"Tales From The Scale"
     by Erin Shea

"Look Good-FeelGreat"
     by Joyce Meyer

"Don't Eat This Book"
     by Morgan Spurlock

"Self Esteem Comes In All Sizes""
     by Carol Johnson

"In The Footsteps of Jesus"
     by Bruce Marchiano

"A Kiss A Day"
     by Jaime Lash

"Heaven-Close Encounters of the God Kind
     by Jesse Duplantis

When Christ Comes
     by Max Lucado

When Women Walk Alone
     by Cindi McMenamin

Personal Growth
"Battlefield Of The Mind"
     by Joyce Meyer

"Falling In Love With Jesus"
     by Dee Brestin & Kathy Triccoli

"Mystery of the Priesthood & The Blood
     by Perry Stone

Ever Increasing Faith
     by Smith Wigglesworth

Intimate Friendship With God
     by Joy Dawson

Study Helps
The Bible
     New King James' Translation

Amplified Bible
     by Zondervan

"Vines Dictionary"
     by W.E. Vine

"Strong's Concordance"
     by James Strong

"Jewish Bible
     by David Stern

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