Prophecy of 1449

I ran across a yellowed newspaper clipping in my Great Great Aunt Pearl's diary today. I can find no date on the clipping but it probably was dated around the early 1940's. I was astonished when I read it. I am duplicating the newspaper article here exactly as in the clipping. It's astonishing!

One of the most spiritual characters in all history was a woman known as "Mother Shipton" who lived in England over 500 years ago. She was a student of prophecies of the Bible and from her studies saw what would take place in the 20th century and put it into a poem. She died in 1449, 43 years before Columbus discovered America. The poem, written in the year 1449 A.D. follows:

"And now a word in uncouth rhyme,
Of what shall be in future time
For, in those wondrous far off days,
Theh women shall adopt a craze,
To dress like men and trousers wear
And cut off all their locks of hair.
They'll ride astride with brazen brow,
As witches do on broomsticks now.
Then love shall die, and marriage cease
And nations wayne as babes decrease,
Then wives shall fondle cats and dogs
And men shall live much the same as hogs.
A carriage without a horse shall go,
Disaster fill the world with woe,
In London, Primrose Hill shall be,
It's center hold a Bishop's See,
Around the world men's thoughts shall fly
Quick as the twinkling of an eye,
And waters shall great wonders do-
How strange, and yet it shall come true.
Then upside down the world shall be
And gold found at the root of tree.
Through towering hills proud men shall ride,
No horse or mule move by his side.
Beneath the waters men shall walk,
Shall ride, shall sleep, and even talk;
And in the air men shall be seen,
In white, in black, as well as green.
A great man then shall come and go,
For prophecy declares it so.
In water iron then shall float,
As easy as a wooden boat.
Gold shall be found in streams and stone
In land that is as yet unknown.
Water and fire shall wonders do, (steam)
And England shall admit a Jew.
The Jew that once was held in scorn
Shall of a Christian then be born.
A house of glass shall come to pass. (Crystal Palace)
In England - but alas, alas!
A war will follow with the work
Where dwells the pagan and the Turk.
The states will lock in fiercest strife,
And seek to take each other's life;
When north shall thus divide the south.
The eagle builds in lion's mouth.
Then tax and blood and cruel war
Shall come to every humble door.
Then, when the fiercest fight is done
England and France shall be as one.
The British olive next shall twine
In marriage with the German vine.
Men shall walk beneath and over streams-
Fulfilled shall be our strangest dreams.
All England's sons that plow the land
Shall oft be seen with Book in hand.
The poor shall now great wisdom know,
Great houses stand in far-flung vale,
All covered o'er with snow and hail.
In nineteen hundred twenty-six
Build hoses light of straw and sticks.
For then shall mighty wars be planned
When pictures seem alive with movements free
When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea,
When men like birds shall scour the sky,
Then half this world, deep drenched in blood shall die.
But those who live to see (all this) through,
In fear and trembling this will do;
Flee to the mountains and the dens,
To bog and forest and wild fens-
For storms will rage and oceans roar,
When Gabriel stand on sea and shore.
And as he blows his wondrous horn,
Old worlds shall die and new be born.

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