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Please let me introduce myself.


My name is Hickory Dickory Doc Boy - Doc Boy for short. I am a silky terrier which means I'm really cute but have a tendency to be a bit hyper. My mistress acquired me from her older son a few years ago. I had stayed with her for a month a year before that when the aforementioned son was moving, so I settled in right away. There was a cat already on the premises and for awhile she made faces at me and hissed. I quickly realized that was not a friendly greeting on her part. But we've settled down together pretty well.

Let me tell a bit about myself......

...I love long walks but my mistress just doesn't seem to walk as fast as I would like.
...I get a treat whenever I go out and "do my business" and I've learned that if I do part of what I'm supposed to do, come back in and then have to go right back out - I get two treats! I'm afraid my mistress has gotten wise to that though - shucks!
...I had a stuffed bunny that I loved to play with but it was left in a motel room in Florida during my move to Tennessee. My mistress repeatedly called the motel to ask them if it had been found. They said no but I'll bet they threw it away.
...I'm very careful to alert my mistress by barking if I hear someone coming to the door....or if a leaf blows by....or if the wind blows....
...My mistress gets really irritated when I do that.
...I love to snuggle in bed with my mistress at night. I really hate when she rolls over in bed because I have to move as well.
...Occasionally, my mistress gives me a shower. She spread the towel on the floor and I roll around on it until I get dry. Sometimes she clips my toenails too. I'm not real crazy about that but I do get a treat afterwards so I sit still and tolerate it.
...I have this habit of getting a piece of my food in my mouth and then flinging my head and throwing it across the room. I know it's hard to get a visual, but I can get a pretty good distance. My mistress is not amused because she has to clean the floor.

As you can see, I'm a pretty appealing guy. If you're lonely and need some company, I'm available. I could come to your house for the night or even for a week. Sometimes my mistress seems quite eager to have me leave.

But I know she'd miss me 'cause she loves me.

And I love her!

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