Alan Charles Cook

December 14, 1941 ~ March 3, 2001

My husband, Alan was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England. His family was rich in love and laughter even if money was in short supply. Alan's father, Lance served in the British armed forces during WWII while June, his mother was seamstress. Alan has vivid memories of the Blitz that hit London every night and of spending nights in the "tubes" while listening to bombs going off over head. Just before his older brother was born, his home was bombed to the ground leaving his mother to find other accomodations quickly.
When Alan was about 13 years of age, he and his family emigrated to America to join other family members aready in residence in Miami. He celebrated his birthday on the ship coming over. In the '60s, he and his parents moved to the central Florida area.

Alan had a seizure disorder called epilepsy which determined where he could work and what kind of work he could do. Medication controlled the seizures fairly well but limited him in many ways. For most of his working life, he was a caretaker of a church, cleaning and repairing it as well as tending the grounds and gardens which he loved doing.

Alan was a gentle spirit but could become a spitfire if provoked. He loved puzzles - crossword, jigsaw; he loved playing billiards and reading mystery novels. He had a quiet but strong faith in God and knew his relationship with God was right and his eternal destination secure.The last few weeks of his life we talked much about heaven and being together again someday.

I met Alan in 1981 after a painful, abusive marriage. He became my friend and was a patient listener when I needed one. We fell in love in '82 and on September 11 of that year were married. In 1983 our son, Michael was born - the only male Cook of the family this side of the Atlantic.

We first realized that something was wrong the 1st week of February of 2001. On February 14, we were told of the probably of cancer and after several tests, it was confirmed that Alan had lung cancer which had spread to the liver. The cancer was so advanced as to make any medical intervention of no effect. Alan was already beginning to show signs of rapid decline and on the 23rd, Hospice was called in. On the 24th, the three of us went to the beach for the weekend. I will always thank God for that time - to talk, cry and just hold each other. The next week, Alan began to decline rapidly and on March 3rd went to be with the Lord. Hospice was able to keep him fairly comfortable and I was there when he breathed his last and was ushered into the presence of God.

No words can describe the grief I feel. I have lost my husband, lover and best friend. He taught me how to love and his love for me never wavered even when I was my most unlovable. I am a better person for having know and loved him.

And I will miss him dearly!

Our wedding - September 11, 1982


Surrounded by friends, yet all alone
the one I loved God has called home.
The hugs of friends helps ease the pain,
And I know my loss is my loved one's gain.
But tears now flow across my face,
As I long for just one more embrace
Then comfort comes and I see Christ's face.
He hugs my loved one and I feel God's grace.

Author Unknown

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