Group activities of COSA New Zealand Inc.

Committee meetings

The committee meets every other month for business. It hears of new cases, and of matters that it might or must respond or attend to. The chairman runs the meetings using the standard type of agenda. The previous minutes are read and signed off, and business arising is attended to. A Case Manager's report and any other reports of case work are heard and discussed. The treasurer reports on the group's financial situation, and other business is attended to. The secretary records minutes.

General membership meetings - "Gatherings" - and other social events

The committee decides, makes arrangements for, and runs COSA New Zealand's regular "Gathering" events, and these are planned for every 2nd month in the 2002-2003 period. In the recent past these have featured members relating their case, within a minimally formal meeting framework, but meeting the statutory requirements for an incorporated society. There may be a fund-raising activity.

Special-event meetings are sometimes held, with a 'bring a plate' meal.

There is usually a special social gathering at Christmas.


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