Committee of COSA New Zealand Inc.

COSA New Zealand's committee members

The committee of COSA New Zealand for the year starting June 2002 has 9 people, 5 men and 4 women. Of these,

The Chairperson of COSA New Zealand oversees the work and decisions of the society and is its frontsperson.

The Chairperson of COSA New Zealand is its media contact person.

The case management for COSA New Zealand is distributed amongst committee members. Committee members will help those who contact them, or - after referring the matter to a committee member - another person may be delegated to interact with the contact. The chairperson in cooperation with committee members calls on a committee member or responsible member or other responsible person to work on cases as necessary.

The Secretary and the Treasurer of COSA New Zealand have the roles usually assigned to these positions. The Secretary assists the Chairman by disseminating information and appointments, and effecting coordination, including of assistance and support to cases COSA New Zealand has taken up. The Treasurer as well as keeping accounts etc. may contribute to forming the basis of asking for grants, and apply for them when needed.

The Chairperson and committee members help with cases and keep brief records of them.

COSA New Zealand committee members proactively attend groups, and attend public meetings and meetings to which they are invited, to listen to topics relevant to their aims, and sometimes to speak for or about COSA New Zealand and any or all aspects of its activities and concerns. One COSA New Zealand committee member spoke to groups at Christchurch College of Education, a teachers' training institute. This committee member, and the Chairman, and other COSA members by agreement with the committee, may consider other speaking engagements.

Two COSA committee members act as editors and publishers for COSA New Zealand's newsletter, which is quarterly.

One COSA committee member runs the COSA lending library of material on false sex allegations - consisting of books and articles. Another has a personal lending library on similar subjects, of video tapes.

One COSA committe member operates the society's computer system to produce the Newsletter, and to do other business as instructed for COSA, over the Internet. As an individual, the operator observes and participates in the internet groups responding to the problem of false sex allegations.

COSA New Zealand committee members attend meetings by invitation, or as a result of a committee decision, to represent and explain the interests of COSA New Zealand in terms of its objects.

COSA New Zealand committee members make enquiries privately into matters which sometimes become incorporated into the proper business of COSA.

COSA committee members sometimes attend court hearings to give COSA's and their support to the individuals concerned, and visit people in prison for the same reasons.



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