About COSA New Zealand Inc.

COSA - Casualties of false Sexual Allegations

COSA is a voluntary non-profit, educational, research and community organisation established in 1994.

COSA was formed by a group of professionals and individuals troubled by the increasing number of false allegations of sexual abuse being made in New Zealand, which follows trends established in other countries.

COSA New Zealand Inc, centred in Christchurch in the South Island, embraces needs and concerns throughout New Zealand.

COSA recognises that sexual abuse does occur and in no way condones this abhorrent activity. Along with the problem of genuine abuse, our society is however afflicted by a parallel problem of false and unfounded accusations. False allegations have serious and adverse social effects on individuals, families and the greater community.

COSA resources are directed to these cases of injustice while striving to facilitate a reduction in such destructive accusations. False allegations are often reinforced by misguided investigative and therapeutic intervention.

COSA is committed to uphold the principles of science, justice and valid professional practice.

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