The Olde Woman Who Lived In A Shoe


Dame Dallymore's orphanage is in peril. She has been unable to pay the rent for ten years, so the evil Lady Eva wants to make her and all the orphans homeless.

Just when the situation seems dire, it gets worse, for who could foretell that a giant would come along to cause even more chaos! With Lady Eva and Calumnia the Witch doing their utmost to foil everyone's plans, who will save the day? Surely a duck can't help... or can she?

New Bradwell Methodist Church
Friday 16 & Saturday 17 March 2007

Calumnia, an evil witch Valerie Brown
Lady Eva Vestov, a land owner Helen Simmonds
A Grotty Teenager Emily Gardener
Flo, a one-time chorus girl and singer June Cooper
Cristabel, another one-time chorus girl Jemma Stratford
Corydon, Dame Dallymore's son Karen Matthews
Dame Dallymore (by kind permission of the Governor of Holloway Prison) Jean Stratford
Princess Marigold of Milton Keynes Amanda Smith
Giggles, the Court Jester Mike Leggett
Queen Grandmother Margaret Harper
Cobblers, the Shoe Maker Emily Gardener
By kind permission of Quacker Oats Unlimited, the special appearance of Miss Lizzie Dripping as Daisy Duck

Pianist Geoff Long
Guitarist and Rehearsal Pianist Tony Preedy
Prompt Valerie Brown
Costume Group Wardrobe
Refreshments & Front of House Joanne Pennant
Frank Walker
Producer Joan Walker


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