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The Newcastle VS Group

Your place for the Marvel and DC VS System TCG / CCG in Newcastle



Welcome to the  Newcastle VS Group Page

This is a website for players of the Marvel and DC VS System TCG / CCG in and around Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

We are currently the only group in the Newcastle area that runs official VS tournaments and through our forum you can find other people in the area to play and trade with.


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  • 22/01/01 - Its a new year and revitalisation of the Newcastle TCG group. Big things are happening in VS this year with the release of the Hellboy Starter and sets including Marvel Team up, DC's Worlds Finest, Marvel Legengs and DC Legends as well as other surprises which UDE has promissed. Hobby league will be running every second wednesday at the moment however this may change. Wednessday the 23rd of January is the next hobby league check the site and forums for more details.
  • 3/08/06 - Been a While Since I did a propper update. Hobby league has now been running for about a year and things are going well. We are also running tournaments at every oportunity. For more info on recent goings on check the forums



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