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Lawrence Village Sparkle Market

Sparkle MarketSparkle Market Abandoned!

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I have gotten a new message board. The previous one went down.

Welcome to the Lawrence Village Sparkle Webpage. This page was created in honor of the 2 1/2 years Sparkle was in New Castle, and of the employees that worked there.

History: The history goes, the building was originally a Krogers, then Rocky's bought it. Giant Eagle told Rocky's they should increase the building size, and they did, doubling it in size. The size is now 277,000 square feet. Due to this increase in size, Rocky's could no longer maintain the cost of space and the low prices, so it was sold to an independently owned Giant Eagle. It finally be came a corporation owned Giant Eagle, till it too finally went out of business. Sparkle took over, carrying over and incorperating all the Giant Eagle employees into it's business. All Sparkles are independently owned and operated. Unfortunately, Sparkle too eventually shut down, and there is no store to take it's place yet. That means the all the employees have lost their job, and the close relationship they have created with their fellow workers. This page is created so that all of us can keep in touch, and in contact.

Overview: The Lawrence Village Sparkle opened in {date} 1998, occupying the spot previously owned by Giant Eagle. It was owned by Anthony and Theresa Moderelli, Pat and Kathleen Migliozzi. Then on October 28, 2000 they closed their doors forever at that location. During it's time there, Sparkle, like all companies, have gained and lost a lot of employees. There are a few though, who have been there for quite some time, and I'm proud to say I am one of them. This page is dedicated to the people of the Lawerence Village Sparkle Market. I'll do my best to list every person that I can remember, but I will most likely not be able to.

How: There are two questions here. How am I going to do this, and How long is this page going to last? Both questions are up in the air right now. I'm going to see if some of the employees will help me, and I'm planning on this page being permanent. Either way, this page will get a fast start, then slow down in a few months.

What: What is going to be on this page? I'm hoping to get some pictures of the store and of it's final employess before it closes it's doors for good. I'm going picture crazy the last days it is open, starting today, 10-25-00. I will then organize and catagorize them, thus providing a lot of information and some snapshots to back it up. Also I'm planning on getting a message board so we can keep in touch easier.

Why?: Why am I doing this? Well, mainly because most of the people that I've worked with have become some of my close friends. The closing of the store, will no longer allow most of us to see each other as often as we did. I'm hoping that this page will provide the focal point that will let us all keep in touch with each other... till we slowly forget and this page will no longer be needed.

Sparkle fans have been here since October 26, 2000.

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