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The World Famous Burrito Dictionary (y2k edition)
10 - # of seconds it takes Bill to undress.
$100 - how much Bryan spent on a scientific calculator.
$2 - how much Lonnie spends to buy a Sports Select ticket.
$40 - how much Bryan spent on an atlas.
$5 - what Mike gets paid every two weeks for delivering the Leader Post.
$76,451.00 - The total won by Monte Sternfeld on "Wheel of Fortune" on Friday March 12, 1993.
11153 - the pass number to enter the Master Control room at NT>
137 - The number of entries Kelsey put in at Cable for the trip to Hollywood.
2 - Number of hours it takes Mike to drink a bottle of Fruitopia
29 - The most number of chicken wings Bryan has had at Lee's Chop Suey at one time.
33 - The number of cookies Blair said Kelsey ate at Cable.
4 - the number of hours Blair & Ed talked about Jamie Parker.
4 - the number of years Mike was called a burrito in high school.
41 - Brian Pillman's number when he played for the Calgary Stampeders.
$8 - How much Bryan spent for salad and tea at Geno's.
78 - The most # of hours Bill spent on the internet in 1 month
86 - Bill's unlucky number (cut off of booze)
Air conditioner - What Donna always has running in the car, because she's so fat.
Alright, Nagy - What you say when someone is talking about sports.
Anderson Auto Sales - where Blair tried to steal a car from and the alarm went off.
Attic - Gordon's nightmare.
Audio board - What Kelsey broke at Cable.
August 31 - Ed's birthday/the death of Princess Diana (1997).

Bacon - What Kels & Ed burned at Bill's grandma's
Bag of M&M's - Bryan had these at a mobile, and Bruce, Sheldon, & Ed ate them all.
Bar-B-Que - what blew up in Blair and Eddie's faces.
Barb Wire - the movie that Kelsey got stuck in Stan's VCR.
Barber - What Bill fears and dreads
Bath? What's that? - What the MacRobbie's say.
Belt - What Eddie should buy with the money he steals from the Martin canteen.
Bill's Bitches (Duster, Alice, cleaning lady, Steven who lived in Viv's basement, John).
Bio Stan - Kelsey's dad.
Blair's ass - What Eddie had to kiss after losing a bet with Blair.
Blasted papers - What Mike MacRobbie has to deliver.
Boston Pizza - They're always prank calling people.
Bowling insurance - What the burrito's have.
Bowling team - Ed, Bryan, Mike.
Broad Street - Where Bill spends his days.  He goes to the welfare office, then to Money Mart, then to bingo, then to the liquor store, and then to the casino.
Bruce Wayne Murphy - The man who shot James Whittingham during the one hour James & Kebin Special.
Buddy - Paiute puppy.
Buffet Village - A great place to binge and purge.
Bullshit McMinn - Bull's full name.
Bundynomics - What Eddie wants to take in college.
Burger Baron - Where Brock would take us 'cause he had coupons.
Burrito - you.

C-149 - the taxi cab account number Eddie used so he doesn't have to pay the fare.
Cable - Cable Regina/Access Comm.
Can Slim have one? - what Mike said when I was eating Doritos.
Carly - Blair's phone sex partner.
Cassette tape - What Bill tied Kelsey up with.
Chloe - Some chick that came over to Bill's.
Coat hanger - What Bill used to fix a toilet after Ed flooded it.
Coke Bong - What Bill & Blair gave Kels with a 2-litre Coke.
Constructional relationship - What Bill wants with his cleaning lady.

DAN - Dumb Ass Nigga
Deep Space 9 - Kelsey.
Did you watch the NFL on Fox? - What Stephen Nagy says every week.
Dinner bun dipped in soup mix - What Bryan eats.
Dinner buns & gravy - what Bryan gets from KFC.
Doc MC - Mike's nickname.
Donna's weight - the same as Gordon's age.
Dotto's data cafe - Bill's heaven = computers & coffee.
Duck - Eddie is a duck because he was webbed feet.
Dundurn - Where Mike's only friend Joel Douglas is from.

E=MC˛ - The drink they named after Mike.
Easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl - Song Stephen Nagy sings at Cable.
Easy Lay Fay - Ed's mom.
Ed's glasses - What Ed left at Kelsey's and Fay had to "come" and get.
ESP - Bill's super powers.
Excelsior - Ed.

Fly - Ed's superpower.
Forensic Scientist Doctor Michael Gordon MacRobbie, M.D. - What Mike will be called when he is done school.
Frozen bottle of Budweiser beer - What Blair & Kelsey found and drank in the back alley on the way to Sherwood Village Mall.
Fruitopia - Mike's favorite drink.
 Friday, 11:40 p.m. - When Bill and Kels walk to 7-11, to get junk food & Slurpees (to add to the collection in Bill's grandma's basement).
Funeral Home - What Blair called an old folks home by Thom Collegiate.

Get a muffler! - What Bill yelled at these guys in a car, and they started to chase him.
Get the fan - what you say when you fart.
Gimme a rock and I'll peg that bird off in the head - What Ed said on the way to the Pat's mobile.
Giraffe - Bryan's nickname.
God's #1 - What Mike said when Blair told him Slim was #1.
Going 90 - Masturbating.
Good thing I brought my puffer - what Mike said during a Bar-B-Que.
Gook - Bill's nickname.
Gordon's car - What Blair & Mike stole while Gordon was in the hospital.
Gurmeet - Stephen Nagy's cab driver.

Haw Flakes - These pink candies Kelsey bought at a Chinese store.
He's in the shower - What Ed said when he looked through a Playgirl.
He's waving you in - What you say when you see an ass.
Headroom - What Kelsey knows nothing about.
Headroom! Headroom! - What Bruce yelled to Kelsey during the U of R basketball game.
Heaven - 2152 Argyle Street
Hell - 327 Bruce Street
Hey burrito, how'd you like dat Slurpee on your car? - What Kelsey said when he prank called Gordon answered.

I can fix it - What Ed said before he broke Kelsey's door.
I'm trying to study! - What some bitch said to us at Central Library.

Jell-O jigglers - Boobs.
Jenny Craig - Donna's enemy.
Jew - James Edward Whittingham.
Joel Douglas - Mike's imaginary friend.
Joe's Apartment - 2620 12th Ave.
Ju - Jason Ubell.
June 26 - Bill's birthday/the start of gay pride week.
Just a moment - What Gordon says when you call their house.

Kelsey's bed - what Ed broke after he laid down on it.
Kelsey's bedroom door - What Ed broke with a hammer.
KFC - Koresh Fan Club/Koresh's Fried Cult.
Kitchen sink - What Shelley washes her hair in.
Knock it off! - What Mike said after Ed called him a burrito.
Krunk - What you say instead of swearing.

Library - Where Donna used to work as a security guard before she got fired for eating the books.
Lighting club - What Ed is on at Martin.
Little Bavaria - Where the burritos eat.
Little Criminals - Paul & Jamie.
Love letters - What Jamie writes to himself.

Magic Bag - Donna's best friend.
Martin Collegiate - Loserville.
Mike - Kelsey's alter-ego, who made a date with Christina, then didn't show.
Monitoring - What Bill does when he watches porn.
Moon - What Ed did to this guy at Pam's.
Mrs. Doubtfire - Bill thinks she is ugly.
Muffler - What Bill told some guy to get.
Muscle & Fitness - Bryan's favorite magazine.

Next Generation - Blair.
NHL 1994 - Kelsey's favorite SNES game.
Nina Jaitley from Z-TV - Billdini's girlfriend
No Holds Barred - Bill's little guilty bad movie pleasure
No movies! -What Stan said when Ed & Blair came over.
Nothing and fuck-all - The 2 things Ed does at Cable.
Noodles - Ed's nickname.
Novia Cafe sign - the sign Eddie couldn't hit with a snowball (Wed. Oct. 02, 1996).

Of Mice and Men - an all-time movie favorite.
Office Depot - Where Ed steals pens from.
Old Mother Hubbard - What Eddie called Mother Theresa.

Paiute puppy - Buddy.
Pants - What Bill ripped on a fence after skateboarding.
Papa Stan - Stan Beston.
Parabolics - The best thing to do during a mobile.
Phone book - The place to graffiti.
Pizza places - Geno's & 241 & Boston pizza.
Pizza delivery boy - Donna's only friend.
Police - They came over to Mike's after he beat his children.
Pornography - According to Gordon, this should be kept in the bedroom.
Pots & Pans! - What you say if someone asks 'Who's the man?'
Pray to David - Our Lord's prayer.
Pull a Bruce - Commit suicide.

Raunchy Rumpnuts - What white folks call Eddie's family
Regina Pats - Shelly's heroes.
Rice pudding - Blair's favorite dessert
Rickshaw - Bill's favorite car
Rubber bands - what Eddie shot at us at Cable.
Rodeo - The last thing Papa Stan saw.

Santa - If you rearrange the letters, you get "Stan".
SARCAN - Lonnie's heaven.
Sarcanese - the language that Colin speaks.
Saskatoon - Where Joel Douglas moved to get away from the burritos.
Scanner antenna - What Bill made out of a coat hanger.
Scoop Gibson - World-famous movie critic.
Seth Easter - Eddie's alias.
Sex world - Mike's heaven.
Shakespeare - What Papa Stan called Muhammed Ali during the 1996 Olympics.
Shower - What the MacRobbie's fear and dread.
Showgirls - The movie we went to go see when Gordon got stuck in the attic.
Shut up, Alice - What you say when you hear a dog bark.
Sidewalk - What Bill drives on.
Slim - Mike's alter-ego.
Slow it down - What Ed says when something is too loud.
Slurpee - Kelsey's nickname.
Slurpee - What Eddie threw on Gordon's car before they went bowling.
Speaker - What Stephen almost ruined after yelling through a microphone.
Stan Richter - James Whittingham's alias.
Stanley Cup - What Papa Stan used for drinking beer.
Stop sign & barricade - What we put in Bill's back yard.

Table - What Eddie powerbombed Kelsey through.
Tang the Knife - The boss of The Chinese Mafia.
Tea bag - What Bill gets from John when Second Cup is closed.
Teleport - Kelsey's super powers.
The Billy Minn Bar/Oompa Band - Bill's sex, drugs, & rock 'n' roll band.
The canteen at Martin - where Ed steals money from.
The Chinese Mafia - They run Regina.
The Gordon MacRobbie Macarena - The coolest dance of all time.
The Leader-Post - What Gordon delivers, although it is Bryan's route.
The photocopier in the library at Martin Coll. - where Bryan steals money from.
The Program - Movie we liked becuase there was a scene where guys would lie in the middle on the road while cars came at them.
Thom Collegiate, then SIAST - Where the cool people go to school.
Those damn Indian's - the cause of all the MacRobbie's problems.
Tisdale, Saskatchewan - The town that Bryan created.
TNN/NCN/CMT - Ed's heaven.
Tooth-hurty - (2:30) when the boy went to the dentist.

Vision TV - The only channel Bill gets.

Wannabe - "The white Tupac" - Eddie's wrestling gimic.
Wannabe's finishing move - The Dreadlock Headlock
Waving you in - What you say when you see an ass.
Weather Channel - the only channel the MacRobbie's get.
Weird News - The Unofficial Newspaper of Thom Collegiate.
Western Producer - Bryan's favorite paper.
Weyburn - The home of Herman (Gordon's long-lost twin brother)
What are you wearing? - What Bill said to the SaskTel operator at Sherwood Village Mall.
When are you writing Of Mice & Men 3, Blair? - what Mike kept asking Blair.
When Kels spit on Dr. James Grand at Hardcore 2 times, and the security guard came up to me and said "Hey!", and I kicked his ass.
Whorely Susan Morley - James' girlfriend.
Wide Shot - The STV show starring Eddie & Bryan.
Winded - What Blair gets tying his shoes.
Winded - What happened to Gordon after he bent over to pick up his toque.
Winded - What happened to Kelsey after Blair powerbombed him on a trampoline.
Window - What Kelsey accidentally put his foot through at St. Bernadette school.
Wolseley, Saskatchewan - Where Gordon is from.

Yeslek Nosraep - Who Bill wrote a touching story about.
You damn hick! - What Bill says whenever Eddie plays country music.
Your kneecaps - What Tang will break if you're not careful.

Z-TV - Bill's heaven.
Zoo Poo - The special of the day in the Cable Cafeteria.
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