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Welcome to the New Bremen resource for Wraith : The Oblivion. Within this site you will find the necessary information on the stage, cast, and history of our game. Read on and enjoy.

Special credits go out to Ian Watson for the format of the Online Rescource pages. Without him, New Bremen would be a far different place. Thanks for over a year of appreciated dedication and input to the chats, Ian.

2 years and still going strong. We've had a few storyteller changes, but I'd like to give out a big hand to our new head wraith st, Josh, and our shiny new assistant Tim D, for doing a bang up job in getting the game back on its feet after Rick had to move on.

Yes, as I said, Rick had to leave us. I'm sure he knows the game won't be the same without him. Its been a great train you put us on, and I know the game won't forget your input. Kudas!

Keep a look out for newly completed pages. Between my work hours and home life, I'm slowly but surely getting everything up and running. If anyone has any input on the page, or anything they'd like to see, please give me a shout, and I'll get to work.

And finaly, I think I have the pc bios up to date, but I'm not etirely sure. If you happen to take a look through there and dont see your character, send me an email with your characters name and what page I should list them under, and I'll get them right up for you.

Thanks all, and rock on.

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