New Book for HV Specialists

Protection Devices and Systems
for High Voltage Applications

(A revolutionary new solutions for high voltage problems)

Dear Reader,
    In this book, I have described a family of new devices (protection relays, contactors, automatic circuit breakers, etc.) based on reed switch contacts, hybrid (reed-transistors and reed-thyristors) technology, and various automatic devices based on these components intended for use in high voltage (5 to 100 kV) power supplies, power on these lasers and radar, RF-generators, and also in protection systems for 6 to 24 kV distribution networks.
     That book was a product of my professional experience accumulated over many years of work in research laboratories and industrial companies in the former Soviet Union and Israel.

Vladimir Gurevich, Ph. D
About a Problem:
  High voltage equipment (10-100 kV) has become very popular over the last few years. It is utilized in military and civil radar stations, powerful signal transmitters for communication, broadcasting and TV systems, technological lasers, X-ray devices, powerful electronic and ion devices, devices for inductive heating and melting of metals, technological electron accelerators for materials irradiation, electro-physical and medical equipment, and industrial microwave ovens, among others.
     Despite considerable success in each of these fields, the problem of current overload protection (level current trip) of such devices, caused by HV circuit insulation breakdowns or breakdowns in the high voltage devices, still remains acute. The first is related to unfavorable conditions that cause moisture and dust penetra-tion into the equipment, and the second to unpredictable internal breakdowns in high voltage vacuum electronic elements (klystrons, tetrodes, etc.) or semiconductor elements (HV rectifier).
      Protecting of powerful high voltage electronic and power installations operating at HV against internal breakdowns and current overloads is quite an urgent problem.
Internal breakdown in klystron is due to stop operation of high-power military radar on alert mode.
     Breakdown between elements of high-voltage generator of high-power laser is due to cause substantial losses because of dead time of expensive efficient equipment.
     Power industry is in need of simple and inexpensive automatic devices operating at high voltage without cumbersome and expensive current transformers.
     However, reliable and efficient technical solutions of the above problems meeting wide range of requirements are yet to be designed.

About the Book:
The book presents description of unique novel high voltage protection devices, covered by tens of patents as well numerous examples of practical applications of the novel devices used for creating highly efficient automation and protection systems.
Much attention is given to the use of novel devices in power systems for voltage 10 – 36 kilovolt.

It is a first official edition of this kind in English.

The book contains technical details essential to manufacturers of high-voltage equipment for commercial production of novel protection devices and to power companies for self-supporting building the novel devices in their laboratories.

Designed as the review of achievements in the field of protection of the high-voltage installations, Protection Devices and systems for High Voltage Applications

To whom does it point?
The book suited to electrical, radio, power, electro-physical, industrial engineers; research and development managers; and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in respective disciplines.
Lecturers of colleges and instructors of training courses in the respective subjects will find in the book interesting reference material for lectures.


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