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Garden Club Meetings 7:00 PM
New Berlin Public Library
15105 Library Lane
New Berlin, WI   53151
(262) 785-4980

Hello, Gardener!

Welcome to the New Berlin Garden Club website!  Our 2009 meeting dates are as follows:

� February 9
� March 9
� April 13
� May 4 (Windy Oaks 6:30 PM)
� May 21 (Plant exchange)
� September 14 -  Judy's House)
� October 12
� November 9

April 2009

Hello, Gardening Friends:

It was great to see such a nice turnout on a rainy night in April at Waukesha Floral.  Although the owner showed us beautiful baskets and other ideas for this spring, his tour of the greenhouse was like none we�ve had before.  We learned how intricate (and expensive!) the workings are of a large commercial greenhouse.  Temperature, humidity and watering are carefully controlled by an elaborate computer system.  The sight and smell of all of those gorgeous plants aroused every gardening instinct!

Don�t forget that we are headed to Windy Oaks in Eagle on Monday, May 4.  We will have a combined �meeting� with the Pond Club that evening and tour the greenhouses and property.  We will leave from the New Berlin Library parking lot promptly at 5:45 and carpool or caravan from there.  The meeting starts at 6:30.  Windy Oaks is near Old World Wisconsin � a fairly easy drive.  The place has numerous greenhouses and is known for two things:  Pond plants and daylilies.  It is my understanding that we can purchase plants that evening.  There are several ponds and although it is much too early for anything to be in bloom, the place is still amazing.  It may be muddy, so wear old shoes or boots and bring a jacket�just in case.  Also, bring a lawn chair!  Even if you don�t have a pond, this outing will provide a an interesting gardening experience�one you might want to try later or just learn more about.  I will be driving and can take three or four.

Directions:  From the N.B. Library you will take Moorland Rd. to 43 and go south to 83.  Turn right onto 83 going north.  Turn left on Eagle Lake Avenue (LO) and stay left on NN (67).  Turn left on Betts Road.  The address is W377 S10677 Betts Road..  Their phone number is 262-594-3033.
Check your map because you can also get there from 59 or NN if that is closer for you.

Then, May 21st is our annual plant exchange which will be held at Linda Mocnik�s house, 2455 Brookside Parkway, off of Cleveland Avenue just east of Moorland.  Bring your unwanted plants and go home with the same number of �orphans.�  Enjoy Linda�s beautiful spring garden and partake in the delicious appetizers and desserts, as well as some wine.  Bring some of kind of container to take your plants home in�boxes or bags.  This event will be held rain or shine outdoors or in Linda�s garage.

Call me if you have any questions.  262-782-0143.   I will see you on Monday!

Carol Noble
The New Berlin Garden20Club
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