Wind Song Lake
Atlantis Cats


Emerald Stone
Tigers River

Coral Earth
River Flame
Sea Foam Night
Stone Fin

Royal Ocean
Sun Swimmer

Finned Brook

Majestic Creek
Midnight Ocean
Orange River
Silver Stream
Red Tide

Page Last Updated- April 12th, 2004
Total Number Of Residents- 19

   You gingerly walk towards the lake, the water is calm and the trees help shade the area around it. You look at the lake; it is almost as if you were looking through glass. Small plants stay motion less under the water, and the rocks glisten from whatever sun light peaks through. You find a large rock and sit down to rest for a bit. You close your eyes and feel you’re self slipping in to sleep.

   You wake suddenly by the water that soaks your clothes and a sharp spear like dagger at your throat. You look at who ever is holding the spear, a stream like creature holds the spear to you. The creature is half in the water and almost seems dolphin like in appearance. Only difference is a large fin that juts out from the top of its head and rides down its neck. The creature speaks to you in a gruff voice. “How did you get here human?” You stutter to get your answer out, but this only angers the creature. He pushes the spear closer to your throat, “I asked you a question! How did you get here human?” Sweat begins to form on your forehead but you still can not form the words.


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