Welcome to New Beetle Mania, my  new  venture in  website making. NB's are a fairly new obsession of mine. When they  first came out in 1998 I thought "How cute!"  then  went  on  about  my  business  unlike  most 15  year old girls at the time I'm sure. Well,  here  in  the  last  few  months,  I've  been  seeing  more of them and they're my  NEW obsession! I recently, July 5th, took a test drive of a 2003  Silver  NB  GLS,  automatic,  2.0L. I  took pictures  and  plan on getting a  Cyber  Green  NB in  about  6mo's to a year. Feel free to share your NB pictures with me! Just email them to me!
My Pictures
Front View
Drivers Side View
Inside Me Driving
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Silver Convertable
Blue New Beetle and Convertable
Green San Francisco
Green Reflections
Blue & Yellow
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