New Beginnings
NEW BEGINNINGS is a support group for separated and divorced men and women in MD, DC and VA. Discussion meetings are held in members' homes, almost every night of the week, and are open to non-members. Led by NB members trained to guide the discussion, these meetings offer a chance to talk to others who share and understand your concerns.

Members-only events include:                                                    Expert Speakers
Social Events
Weekend Retreats

Emphasis is on helping people cope with the early stages of marital separation, whether or not it leads to divorce.

NEW BEGINNINGS is a nonprofit, tax-exempt
organization founded in 1979. Current membership is 1100. Initial membership for one year is $45 (6 months $30); annual renewal is $40. Meeting fees are $6.

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an end is also a new beginning . . .
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Name: Carol Randolph  Executive Director
Email: [email protected]
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