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I know.You will ask,who is this - guess- yeah me "BAYRAM ALACA"

Hi everybody.My name is BAYRAM ALACA.I want to give some information about my life and my city.I grew up in istanbul it is quite big,with a population of about ten million and this city has many historical buildings.istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with social life,and history. Istanbul is the only city in the world having a water line between to continents.

There are several magnificent museums in istanbul.one of them is topkapi palace that contains treasure,sultan costumes,holy relics and many historical items about my country past going to the back 13 th century.Topkapı palace is wort visiting.I always love this city....

I graduated from bağcılar industry job shool in istanbul then I have been a mechanic technician but I wanted to develope my education for that reason I went to Ataturk university Erzincan job high school ((machine programming)).Ataturk university wasn't at the Istanbul for that reason I went to away from istanbul for two years.I went to Erzincan city.Then I finished the machine programming at Ataturk university

I came to back in Istanbul and I began to work a factory as a quality control responsible.I was working factory when ı began to Istanbul üniversity .I was working at factory as a quality control responsible also I was going to üniversity then ı was began to fourth class at university.I decided to give up to work at factory because lessons were so difficult and I left at factory and went to university then I have graduated from Istanbul university.


PHONE : + 90 542 730 49 95

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and there is love in the world believe this
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