Streaks (AKA BarTen): looking quite eeeevil (not pictured: barstool)
Wanted for: eight counts of possesion of illegal barstools, one count of forgery


"BarTen is a breath of fresh air!"
-- Sub Standard Weekly

"The fact that he plain refused to appear as centre-fold says allot about him."
-- Playchick Magazine

"This fool lives in his own daft little world."
-- you


Name: David

Age: 21

Starsign: aquarius

Location: UK

Status: cool

No, really: Okay, so I'm single. Happy?

Ha ha ha: Shut up, it's not funny


Height: Around 6"3`

Weight: about 13 1/2 stone, don't ask what that is in pounds

Hair colour: Dark dark dark brown

Eye colour: Hard to tell from this side of them

Interests: anime, music, games, fitness... everything on this site

Hobbies: all of the above except fitness =P

Ha ha ha: Shut up, it's not funny


City: Proud mackem, but without drug habit.

Dislikes: The mind of a woman

Likes: The rest of a woman

Forgot Mother's Day and Father's Day every single time so far
Downloaded a Britney Spears song once
Talks about barstools in his sleep

[email protected]

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