Apart from the interactive introduction, this game is set in a deserted city. You play a theif, who's first role is to break into the mall where the first part of the game is staged.

There will be seperate episodes, characters, inventory and objects, and interactive enviroment. Already the scripting capabilities are developing. I expect speech and CD audio, and maybe arcade subgames.

The game is all about survival, and making the most of what little improvised weaponry there is available until you find firearms... If you run around too much you will be heard, and become tired too, so sneak around in the shadows to avoid conflict. Fall too far, and sprain your ankle. Basically, I'll have a new and realistic health system based on real survival requirements.

Anyway, here's the project:

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All images are copyright 2000 Brokoz

This is by far not finished. There will be more enviromental features and eye candy.... but it's now worthy of releasing screenshots I think:

Click for full screenshot
The little picture of the guy is just a quickie until i draw a better one ;)
Same yard, other side of building..
Not a location from the game, just playing with the engine.


Here's a few clipped screenshots of things from the Life Skills world:

This shows that the 3D-ness is not limited to a mundane grid. The lid of the dumpster sticks up at an angle...
Likewise, slopes and similar can be incorperated into the same sub-engine. Here's a sloped roof...


The sound support isn't that great right now since it onle plays 8-bit mono sounds. *cringe* But hopefully this will be fixed when more important things are seen to.
15-11-2000: Adding quake-style 3D models/entities was actually pretty straight forward. They have full texture mapping and good old polygon construction. The whole model subproject took about 6 hours straight. This is the first time I've ever attempted anything like this and I'm pleased with it.
Turn left and right and move forwards... It works well. There ae footstep sounds depending on your walking speed, and you can jump and fall. You can also run, creep or jog.
There are many areas that you can move between which are essentially smaller maps that make up the whole. There is an optional map of the immediate area in the top left corner of the screen.
There's dialogue, event triggering... The game is 50% story-telling and 50% everything else.
There are hundreds of graphic tiles already in the first working beta, and there will be other rendered graphics for people, objects, whatever else.
I can't list everything; I'm coding the engine as fast as I'm thinking of new stuff ;)


You main arsonal is (sometimes improvised) clubs and blades. On the plus side, there's no report, so they won't attract attention.

You're a theif, so you'll have this early on.

Baseball Bat
Not as heavy: faster swing but less damage

I've seen loads of samurai swords in shops, so this isn't too ridiculous ;)


The Game would be boring if you didn't pack heat. The thing is; the game's about survival and firearms make it too easy... so now and then you'll come accross a gun but ammo is VERY rare. Save these for when you'll need them.

M1911... your basic piece.
Glock: popular among terrorists, security forces, and action games.
Uzi 9mm of course. Hard to keep aim when fired continuously.
As far as the game's concerned, the MP5 is the accurate alternative of the Uzi.
Ah, the AK47... Bigger calibre and easier to keep aim.
Mossberg, reknowned to be the world's most powerful shotgun.


From the top: Here you see a 3D wireframe view. In this case it's basically a grid with varying heights in the squares.
The next step was to make the program draw the squares in the right order, starting with the smallest.
...and add walls...
...and textures. =)

See the little anime face in the bottom right corner of the main screenshot? That was by Juneko hehe ;)

The J symbol on the wall of the second screenshot is the icon of Jynko.

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