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Yiolanda Mape (Otherkin)
Ah, my serious RPG. This is Yiolanda, a character I've used alot. See the top of the games page for two more examples of my Yiolanda art.

Yiolanda Mape
Yiolanda in a forest. Not a screenshot, just... umm.. a poster I guess.

Laura Zillafone
One of the characters in an unmade adventure game. Yeh, it's basically a comedy. This is Laura, the essential air-head.

Xeno cover
I have a whole directory full of CD cover designs I made... This one is one of the moody ones. The black star-shape is my tattoo, and you can just about see my face on the left.

Slingomix cover
Another CD cover, this one is designed for club/dance music.... and maybe R&B.

This is one of the baddies in my first RPG with "Active-Time-Battle" fights, like in Final Fantasy. It was 2D, but was made up of many 3D rendered cells... and still looked pitiful in the final product :P

Another baddie in the game. Not much, but some say it's cute so I included it.

Norman Gates
Bratty little geeky teenage character in a game. Any resembelence this character has to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. Teehee...

Paul Tonkycar
A goofy character based on one of my TV hero's. Guess who.

Magazine cover
Magazine cover design. It's Yiolanda again. Her behind makes a good magazine cover, I think.

Magazine cover
This one has a picture of someone from my town. Unfortunately, it's the person in the foreground.

Magazine cover
There he is again. This time he's posing as a professional animator or something.

Magazine cover
Picture of some planet. Probably Mars. *shrug*

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