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--Karma was formed in 2001 by members of the band Selfside. Exploding onto the local scene in September of 2000, Selfside hit Baltimore with a barrage of hardcore shows, combining digital sounds and electronic drum beats with crunching guitar and bass. The band, founded by singer Ben Ricciardi, underwent a change in January of 2001 when keyboardist Jake Welbourne, guitarist Chris Henry, and drummer Jeff Crawford left the band.
--Guitarist Chris Henry and Bassist Ryan Costanza bring their punk infleuence to the band, adding depth and speed to the Karma sound. Both Chris and Ryan have played in Masterplan; Ryan as rythem guitarist in '98 and Chris as lead guitarist in Masterplan's current lineup.
--Karma's current lineup consists of: (From left to Right) Ryan Costanza (bass), Jeff Crawford (drummer, backup vocalist), Chris Henry (guitarist, backup vocalist), and Jake Welbourne (keyboardist, digital effects, and vocalist).
--Experimenting in the Baltimore scene, Karma has a collective blend of musical inspiration which creates one of the most innovative sounds on the local scene today. Similar to fellow Baltimore natives Lake Trout, Karma expands their sound at every show, utilizing improv and on the  spot creativity to create complex jams and intricate musical compositions.
--The Vault, quite possibly one of the best clubs in the Baltimore area, quickly became a favorite spot for the Karma crew. March 8'th marked Karma's inaugural show after a 3 month sebatical during which the band rewrote their entire set of material. The band plans on a series of smaller accoustic sessions before completing their first album, which is expected to be completed this summer. 
--Drummer and backup vocalist Jeff Crawford at the Brass Monkey.
--Guitarist and backup vocalist Chris Henry at the Brass Monkey.
--Karma Sutra after the accoustic session at Coffee Gurus.
--For true Karma fans, no explanation is needed.
--Karma live during Pipebomb, the classic Selfside finale.
--Live in Annapolis from the early accoustic sessions.
--Jake, master of the electronic arts...
--Jeff Crawford, formerly of Thursday Night Special and Selfside.
--Karma live at Towson University's Battle of the bands.
--Jake and Chris on the chorus of Session at 14'th.
--Jeff and Jake at Rose Recordings during the demo sessions.
--Chris on guitar during the Battle of the Bands.
--Jeff in the studio.
--Ryan and Jeff at the Battle of the Bands.
--Battle of the bands.
--Email Karma Sutra for a free demo CD of rare accoustic sessions and live tracks recorded in concert. CD's will be available in May, and are limited to 1 per household.
--Karma photography by Gary Barnhart,  Adam Newberry, Maria DeCastro, Chris Henry, and Jeff Bowdoin.
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