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Our Goals



About Us

Here at New Auto City, we have an understanding of your needs. Whether you need routine maintenance, such as oil changes or brakes, to more extensive repair applications, we have you covered!

We also have an extensive focus on exhaust and emissions systems. If you are alarmed from an emissions test failure, do not fear, just contact us!

*Prices and Services subject to change, please contact us with any questions. This site makes no guarantees, contracts, or similar and should be utilized as a source of contact information and overview.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to be your one-stop general automotive repair location and to serve your needs. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the job, we are here to assure you are satisfied. Our focus on these principled actions to ensure quality results!



Utilizing interface equipment and highly specialized tools we, in essence, communicate with your vehicle directly to find the issue. Using proprietary diagnostics from automotive manufacturers  as well as Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) along with an assortment of technical aids, we will find the issue and present different avenues of correcting it.


We communicate to you, our customer,  the issue as it was discovered, the methods employed, the components needed as well as the procedure, along with time-frame and cost. We will keep you informed of each step as the repairs are implemented and the success rate!


Engaging the repairs is our specialty! We use only the finest Original Equipment replacements (OEM) and aftermarket options. We will ensure the repair is completed with timeliness and to your satisfaction!


Before releasing the vehicle back to you, we run extensive diagnostics again to ensure the the issue was corrected and will not return of its own accord. We will test drive and run diagnostics to ensure our external applications show the issue is corrected, along with your vehicles own onboard diagnostics!

Our Services

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          General Automotive Repair

There is no job too big or small! Here, you have extensive options to keep your vehicle on the road!

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            Routine               Maintenance

All components wear, some just faster than other, we will offer services and tips to keep your vehicle in top shape! We also do Alignments!

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Exhaust & Emission

Looking for that new look or sound for your vehicle? Need repairs after a failed emissions test? We have you covered!

Our Pricing

Labor Rate:

$120 Per Hour

Our Labor Rate is very competitive. Excludes parts and special orders as is industry standard.



By utilizing several different suppliers and negotiation with dealerships, we will find  the correct components for whatever your needs may be! We also offer used, refurbished and remanufactured parts at a discount. Cost of parts, components and fluids and other items separate from labor rate.



Our Competitors across Chicago have wildly different labor rates and markups for parts. You can expect to spend approximately $150 per labor hour and premiums on components at dealerships and our local competitors. We ensure that you get the right cost, for the right job!


Please contact us with any questions, concerns or other inquiry!


We will reply as soon as possible


Mon - Sat 9:00AM - 6:00PM


5824 W. Grand Ave | Chicago, IL 60639
1-(773)-417-2475 | 1-(773)-616-5577

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Last Update: 11/21/2023 (J.M.)

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