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my first ever hydroponic creation was sort of on a whim, i was at walmart one day after i had been doing some hydroponic research and i decided to build a system with a bubbler and a waste basket. i purchased 2 bubble wands, a tee splitter, some airline, an air pump, a [little] trash can, and some sand. i put the bubble bars in the bottom of the can, hooked them up to the air pump, and filled it with sand. add a little miricle grow water and i though i was in buisness. as it turns out, if you add bubblers to wet sand it turns to quick-sand that ATE my plants! the first attempt was a failure...
later that same week i was looking at hydroponics systems online and i found
Hydro-Rons website. the 11 plant garden looked perfect for my needs. full detailed plans and parts lists how could i go wrong? so i built the 11 plant garden at first it leaked pretty bad at first but after calking every single fitting i had  made it stop leaking. i finally had REAL hydroponics!
Chapter I  "the start"
chapter II  "my next attempt"
non hydroponic pictures
< a picture of ME [yes, im only 17] screwing castor wheels on the bottom of a hydroponic test garden frame.
current links-
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