New Age Society
For a Harmonious World

New Age Society is an organization based on the universal ‘How-to-Live’ teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.  The Society aims to achieve its goals peacefully.  In order to function more efficiently, the Society constitutes Cells and Action Groups to achieve its aims and objectives in specific fields.  The cells currently operating under the guidance of New Age Society are:-

Shaanti Mondir - Followers of YSS/SRF path of Raja Yoga and Meditation, dissemination of knowledge of Raja Yoga philosophy through books & audio-video material, promoting inter-faith understanding and harmony.

GaunkarsFirst - Protecting and defending the rights, interests, identity and Gaunkaries (Comunidades) of the Gaunkars (indigenous people) of Goa

GoansFirst - An action group for protecting and promoting Goans and Goa's interests unique identity and institutions.  Limiting urbanization and promoting a beautiful and peaceful Goa for all.

OneWorld - An Action Group for social, economic and political development, justice, human rights, consumer rights, labour, environment, health, education, etc.

Socio-Political Research & Analysis Wing – For data, information and planning - our in-house Research & Development cell. 

The Society, being a registered, non-profit organization, seeks to join hands with like-minded persons and depends on your support to work for a better, safer, freer society which is today divided on various issues due to which we face insecurity, uncertainty, law and order problems and conflicts.

If you feel drawn to work in any or all of the above fields, are interested in joining or supporting our organization and its activities or simply interested in knowing more about us, do call us on 91-0832-2416573.
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