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Astrology and the Tarot are part of the Archetypal energies that make up all of the Universe. Coupled with Divine Help and my own natural clairvoyance, I will interpret these ancient symbols as they relate to your life today.
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          The Human One
A Gifted Compassinate Metaphysical Reader and Energy Healer. If you look at my forehead,chest,hands,you will see the white sheen,this is my aura.It is a healing aura.
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Psychic Jenna
Jennafly greetings, I am a gifted psychic/medium. I have an obligation to honest and quality. No hot air!
Your Horoscope is Infinitely more
than your "Zodiac Sign"!

Astrology reveals your
personal traits and the
potential outcome of your choices.

Horoscope interpretations may also
provide a detailed past life
afterglow portrait using Astrology.
Psychic Hannah
"Consultations provided by Internationally Renowned Psychic Consultant, Hannah, well-known for her Tarot, Chakra Therapy and Past Life readings, has been a professional Metaphysical consultant for over 28 years. Known throughout the Web as the psychic other psychics turn to for accurate and confidential readings, allow her amazing insight to provide the right therapy for whatever issues and questions are on your mind!
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Each reading is individually created in their own special way,and who will tune into your personal details.


Have a psychic telephone reading by one of our naturally gifted mediums or clairvoyants and you will be amazed at their predictions for your future.
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*Entertainment purposes. Adults 18 years of age and older. At Meyers New Age Essence wants you to enjoy and benefit from your reading. Our psychics make every effort to provide you with helpful advice. However, this information should not be used in place of any recommendations by medical professionals or other professional counselors.
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