Before Leaving "To Do" List

Pet Parents “TO DO” List:

Being a small business, New Age Cat Care would appreciate your payment at the start of service.  Should you return home early, we’ll give you a credit toward future pet sitting.  The credit is good for one year.  We charge per visit; higher rates apply to households with over 15 cats.

Tell us about all your pets' health problems, likes, dislikes, and any other habits we should know about to insure your pets' safety and comfort (for example, does your pet try to slip out the door the moment it's opened? Where should we look for a kitty "in hiding"?)

Provide a telephone number(s) where we can reach you in any emergency.

Leave favorite toys, treats, food, litter, and other necessities where we can find them.

Provide written instructions for food and medication, and leave veterinarian's name, location, and
phone number(s).

Test new keys. Close the door, lock, then unlock with the new key.

Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature for your pets. Please, do not turn the heat or air conditioning off.

Count noses right before you leave. You wouldn't want to accidentally lock anyone in a closet!

If your home is alarmed, please advise if you wish us to set it and provide the necessary instructions, security company phone numbers and codes.

Please let us know if anyone else with a key will be in and out of the house while you're away, so we don't have your relatives/friends arrested as intruders!

Please call to let us know you're home. We'll continue caring for your pets until we hear from you, but there is a fee for additional visits or "drive-bys" to make sure someone's there if we don't hear from you.

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